OtsterCatcher Bistro

Oystercatcher Bistro is run by the husband and wife team, of Harry and Marian Jordan, who were, the first and only Restaurant in Carlingford almost 30 years ago. The Oystercatcher cuisine reflects the area, and the menu encompass flavours herbs and spices from around the world giving taste sensations that linger on the palate.

They operate a fish2fork concept were only sustainable fish landed in Irish waters is used, therefore ensuring continued employment for fishermen and onshore production.

Their Signature dish is “Cataplana” a fish and ham cassoulet comprising of a minimum of 6 fish, in season the winter dish is Boar stew, and they boast the 2nd best BBC (braise bacon and cabbage) in all of Ireland.

Located right in the heart of the Village on the edge of market square. Carlingford is only a one hour drive from both Belfast and Dublin cities. If you fancy coming for a weekend break why dont you have a look at the package deals we offer and we can include the Oystercatcher Bistro in your package.

If you fancy a nice quiet relaxing meal full of flavours and spices then Oystcatcher Bistro is the place to go.

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