Carlingford Mysterious Pub Crawl

This is an exciting and fun hen party activity where the guests witness a murder and must solve the crime. The twist in the tale is that one of your guests is the murderer!

The mysterious detective Dr. Whodunnit will lead you on a fun filled, hilarious and intriguing adventure.

Murder, mayhem and the party of your lives!


• Our professional actor meets your group in character as Dr. Whodunnit at a pre-booked venue of your choice.
• A murder occurs (of the actor of course!!!) But don’t worry, he then returns as a detective to explain what’s going on and get your investigative juices flowing!
• Each of your friends gets a ‘character card’ outlining who they are for the duration of the game, don’t worry no one needs to be Meryl Streep – our actor takes care of that.
• One of you is the murderess and your friends have to interview each other throughout the dinner to find out ‘who dunnit!’
• Along the way at some really nice bars in whichever town you hold your party, you will meet a number of over the top, larger than life characters that assist in your investigation.
• In teams, you and your friends have to find out who the murderess is by working out a series of cryptic(ish) clues!
• We can run this event all over Ireland- just ask and we can discuss with you!

A bottle of Bubbly for the winning team.

We look after everything!!
You just turn up and enjoy!

Cost – Package varies depending on numbers, please contact us and we’ll discuss the option that best suits your needs.

Price includes:
• Booking of venues
• Bottle of bubbly for the winning team
• Customisation of your own personalised bespoke event
• Finger food can be arranged from €5 per person

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